Webinar: Enabling a Growth Mindset Culture

What is a growth mindset and why it’s important?

Join us for a webinar with Ann-Kathrin Heinemann-Becker, HR from AtlasCopco, and learn how to promote a growth mindset culture. Discover why mindset counts more than competence, the role of leaders and HR, and cultural enablers that support growth.

Learn from an expert

Ann-Kathrin works as a Vice President People & Culture for the Swedish multinational Atlas Copco Group. As part of a global Management Team, it is her mission is to define and drive the People Strategy in the organization. She supports a culture of freedom with accountability, learning from mistakes, curiosity, openness and collaboration; where individual needs are in focus.

Ann-Kathrin holds a master’s in international & intercultural business, has lived and worked in Germany and Italy. She is accredited practitioner of diagnostics Predictive Index and Occupational Personality Questionnaire as well as a certified Systemic Coach and Change Manager.

Here are some key takeaways of this webinar:

  • Tap into the power of a growth mindset to foster a culture of continuous learning and development in your company
  • Inspire your team to embrace challenges and see effort as a path to mastery
  • See how a growth mindset can enhance innovation and collaboration, leading to better business outcomes
  • Get your team on board with the growth mindset approach, by providing resources, feedback, and recognition for their efforts

Meet Ann-Kathrin who has built growth mindset culture in her organization, and learn from her experience why mindset counts more than competence.